Lord of Darkness

Halls of Stormking

"Far greater horrors lurk in Stormking than one might expect..." -Thiombar Moonblade

Arriving in Dhedluk, the heroes learned of the town’s predicament and approached Thiombar offering to help. Thiombar told them the full story of how he had recieved an ultimatum to hand over the city, refused, and was now paying the price for his decision. The heroes offered to venture into Stormking Mountain to find what had caused the White River to dry up, and Thiombar gratefully accepted. However, he also warned them that Stormking was a far more dangerous place than they might anticipate, and that he would reward them for their valiant efforts.

After a few hours of hiking, the heroes reached the entrance to the mountain. The cavern was guarded by a pair of orcs, which were easily defeated by the party. However, once inside, they found that Thiombar had been right-Stormking was home to anabandoned dark monastary devoted to Shar, goddess of darkness. Fighting their way past a legion of skeletons and a huge spider, the party has now split up to explore the dungeon, a move that may prove to be disasterous…


ok…........................................ am i going to die?

Halls of Stormking

yes, a giant kitten is going to pop out, rip you into shreds, and use you as a ball of yarn.

Halls of Stormking

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