Saharas Amblecrown

A Sembian merchant believed by the characters to be a Legionite spy


This man is clad in fine red robes that give him a sense of distinction. He wears his shaggy silver hair in a ponytail and sports a finely trimmed goatee. He has a small tattoo of a raven on his upper left cheek and an exotic aroma, probably from the incense sticks burning in his tent. His piercing gray eyes seem to bore into your very soul.


Little is known about Saharas Amblecrown’s life before he arrived in Dhedluk, only that he was a prosperous merchant who somehow made an enemy of a Sembian noble and has been on the run ever since. His charasmatic attitude and elegant charm has earned him the attention of many Dhedluk ladies, and the admiration of many Dhedluk gentleman.

Saharas has expressed a deep mistrust of Lord Thiombar, and urges Dhedluk’s citizens to watch their leader. This has caused the characters to suspect him to be the Legionite spy supposedly planted by Ventar, but Thiombar refuses to publicly accuse him unless the party brings forward more evidence that he is indeed the traitor.

Saharas Amblecrown

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