Tharion Moonblade

The founder of Dhedluk who valiantly died to save his city.


In the year 1342 DR, as a reward for his service to the Purple Dragons of Cormyr, Tharion was granted a large tract of land with which to build the community of Dhedluk. Under Tharion’s wise guidance, the town quickly flourished, growing into a bustling center of trade. That same year, Tharion’s beloved wife, Larethia, bore him his second child, Thiombar. With a thriving city, a beautiful wife, and two healthy children, the older of which, Ventar, had begun training as a paladin, one might assume that Tharion had nothing to worry about in life. If so, one was wrong.

The first of Tharion’s losses was his son, Ventar. Having completed his training, Ventar became a paladin of Tyr like his father before him, and a hero to the people of Dhedluk. When the White River, the city’s only source of water, dried up, Ventar, against the urgings of his father, boldly ventured into Stormking to find the problem. Though the river resumed flowing a few days later, Ventar was never heard from again.

Next, only a few months later, Tharion lost his wife. Larethia was badly shaken by her eldest son’s death, eating little and spending most of the day staring at his portrait. Her heartbreak eventually turned into actual disease, and Larethia passed away on Midsummer night, leaving her husband to find her son.

The third loss was perhaps the most devastating of all. Exactly one year after his son’s disapperance, Dhedluk was invaded by an unholy Dark Lord who commanded legions of the dead. In the battle that followed, Dhedluk was nearly destroyed, and the Dark Lord offered Tharion an ultimatum-hand over the city, else it be burned to the ground. But Tharion held his ground, instead challenging his foe to man-to-man combat. In that heroic last stand, with the fate of Dhedluk in the balance, Tharion defeated the Dark Lord, but not before he was mortally wounded himself. Tharion saw his city through its darkest hour, but he would not guide it to a new day. And on that cold winter night, Dhedluk lost its lord.

Tharion Moonblade

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