Thiombar Moonblade

The Lord of Dhedluk, seemingly fair and effective but oddly mistrusted by his people


Thiombar is a tall human with long brown hair and a long beard. He generally wears fine clothes that show his status as Lord of Dhedluk,but is trained as a warrior and wears white armor in times of war. He has a way of sensing people’s true intentions, though few can guess his.


Son of Purple Dragon Knight Tharion Moonblade, Thiombar became lord after his brother mysteriously disappeared while exploring Stormking Mountain and his father was killed in the Siege of the Undying Legion. Thiombar has proved an effective ruler, but he can be the hero his brother was, and has gained the mistrust of the people of Dhedluk shortly after the White River recently dried up-the same catastrophe that caused his brother to venture up the mountain ten years ago.

Thiombar Moonblade

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