The god of nature and the wild, Silvanus is caring and benificent to his workers and wrathful to those who threaten the natural world. A firm believer in the necessity of neutrality in nature, he is neither good nor evil, nor lawful or chaotic. He is as old as Toril itself, and his power over nature is matched only by Chauntea, mother of the earth. He allies himself with her and has a grudging relationship with Mielekki, whom he feels has “corrupted” herself by dedicating herself to goodness, though he cannot deny her ties to the natural world.

Clerics of Silvanus often train as druids to better strengthen their connection to the natural world. They do all they can to hold back or at least stall the spread of civilization, activities that are done in secret to uphold an image as benign tree-lovers. They also care for the creatures of the wild and preserve Faerun’s forests. Silvanus forbids his clerics to light or tend fires except in absolute emergencies, and nearly all of his clerics are vegetarians.


Silvanus sees and balances all, meting out wild water and drought, fire and ice, life and death. Hold your distance and take in the total situation, rather than latching on to the popular idea of what is best. All is a cycle, deftly and beautifully balanced. It is the duty of the devout to see this cycle and the sacred Balance as clearly as possible. Make others see the balance and work against those that would disturb it. Watch, anticipate, and quietly manipulate. Resort to open confrontation only when pressured by time or hostile action. Fight against the felling of forests, banish disease wherever you find it, defend the trees, and plant new flora wherever possible. Kill only when needful, and destroy fire and its employers.


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