The god of justice, Tyr is one of the greatest powers of good in Faerun, leader of the Triad, which consists of himself, Ilmater, and Torm, and is a champion of valor and virtue. Sometimes called the Maimed God by his followers, he lost his right hand to Kezef the Chaos Hound, along with his vision. He is a foe of all that is evil and a defender of the just and innocent.

As leader of the Triad, Tyr has a great responsibilty to protect Faerun from dark forces such as Bane and Shar. He is constantly battling encroaching evils from the Lower Planes and forging new alliances with deities such as Selune and Helm. He dreams of a day when all of Faerun will coexist in harmony and is tirelessly working towards that end even when he knows it will never occur.

Tyr’s clerics see the world in clear-cut moral terms and are vengeful beacons of light. Merciless in their eternal fight against evil, they constantly pray to their god for guidance and the power to smite their foes. Paladins of Tyr are champions of good and defenders of Faerun, their sense of justice matched only by the clerics. Famous worshippers of Tyr include Tharion Moonblade, founder of Dhedluk.

Dogma of Tyr

Reveal the truth, punish the guilty, right the wrong, and always be true and just in your actions. Uphold the law wherever you go and punish those who do wrong under the law. Keep a record of your own rulings, deeds, and decisions, for through this your errors can be corrected, your grasp on the laws of all lands will flourish, and your ability to idenify lawbreakers will expand. Be vigilant in your observations and anticipations so you may detect those who plan injustices before their actions threaten law and order. Deliver vengeance to the guilty for those who cannot do it themselves.


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